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About This Blog

Welcome to the Foster Swift Health Care Law Blog!  This blog is intended to provide timely and beneficial information to our clients, colleagues and friends concerning legal developments that may affect their lives and businesses.

This blog will primarily focus on topics that are of interest to health care practitioners, providers and others working in the health care realm.  Under that broad heading, this blog will provide articles related to Health Care Reform, HIPAA, HITECH, Compliance, Regulations, specific Providers, Billing/Payment, Medicare & Medicaid, Fraud & Abuse, Employment, Tax and other related topics.

Please remember that the blog posts are being provided for your information only and do not constitute legal advice.  If you have a specific question about a blog post or how the posted content affects your unique situation, we encourage you to contact the author of the post or another member of the Foster Swift Health Care Practice Group for additional insight or advice.